Vote Maggie Chapman 1 for Europe

I am standing for selection as the Green candidate for the 2014 European election. I think this is a vital election for Greens. We need to make huge strides to create a fairer world and a world which isn’t going to burn because of climate change. I believe I have the vision and experience to lead a Green campaign that can help to build stronger local parties across Scotland and to create momentum for the elections ahead.
The European election is an important opportunity for us to massively increase Green capacity to win elections. I want to use the opportunity to develop the party so we not only win in the European elections but have a legacy for Holyrood and Local Government elections. As an MEP Scotland will be my priority and I will use my role to strengthen our party so Scotland can face the twin environmental and economic crises.
We can:
·        Use the powers of the European Parliament to refocus on international action on Climate Change;
·        Create a Europe-wide Green New Deal to invest in renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure;
·        Change procurement regulations to allow public money to be spent for positive social and environmental use;
·        Oppose European Union austerity measures and invest instead in creating a green economy;
·        Sort out the Common Agricultural and Fisheries policies so they promote ecology and rural economies not big business and big landowners.
I have a track record of achieving change as one of the first Green Councillors in Edinburgh:
·        Creating the popular £eith Decides participatory budgeting scheme;
·        Being the first elected representative to argue for a Living Wage in Scotland;
·        Opposing military recruitment in schools;
·        Winning the Greener Leith politician of the year award 2010;
·        Being the first (and only) Green Councillor elected on first preference votes in 2012;
·        Convener of the Council’s new petitions committee.
When I’m not being a Councillor I’m a lecturer in geography and environmental philosophy at Napier University. I am a member of EIS and a wide range of environmental organisations.
Please use your vote to improve our chances of winning in Europe, Holyrood and across Scotland’s local councils.

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