Tears, snow, and settlement

Well, what a day that was. A 13 hour council meeting surely has to be some sort of record. Not only did we close four schools (so sorry to all those fantastic parents who fought right to the end), but we also agreed to privatise public services, and privatise the vast majority of home care services. And the Administration just don’t seem to get that they have really upset people … again.

But, enough depressing stuff for now … today saw the first proper snow in Edinburgh, and it looked pretty impressive from the council chamber (even if it was a wee bit chilly). I love the crunch of snow underfoot. It reminds me of the crunch of newly shooting grass in a burnt field, but then we don’t get much of that in Scotland. I’m still fascinated by the different types of snow … today’s was quite like little hail stone pellets – there must be a name for that. What ever it is, it was beautiful – just a shame it won’t be around for long.

I also became a permanent resident in the UK today – finally been granted settlement after a very long application process (not to mention the pointless ‘Life in the UK’ test). I have very mixed feelings about this: there has been something quite appealing about having no ‘home’ for the last 10 years, and I’m not sure how I feel about now having another point of separation from both Zimbabwe and South Africa.

So, an eventful day all round. Now time for bed – Henry is getting dark rings round his eyes, poor cat.

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