Snow firsts and non-snow non-firsts

All this snow has made for an interesting couple of days, and several firsts for me.  On Sunday, as I walked to Craighouse Campus (buses seemed to be having difficulty with the Edinburgh hills), I ate my first ever icicle.  It was cold, and watery, but an icicle none-the-less!  Yesterday, I spent most of the evening shovelling the cold, white stuff off the pavement outside my and my neighbours’ flats, something else I’d never done before.  I even managed to get a few sparks off the pavement with the shovel!  And today, I threw a snowball at the Scottish Parliament building, but more on that later!

I love snow, despite all the disruption it causes our busy lives.  But perhaps it is good to be forced to slow down a bit, to think carefully about what the day will bring, and to consider the effects of our movements on others in ways that we don’t usually have time for.

Sitting on the bus earlier, watching the white world go passed, I also decided to get back to my blog, which has been sadly neglected for a few months.  So, here goes …

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  1. Thank Kim … I intend to – the sledding at least! Hopefully Napier’s Craighouse campus will be open tomorrow, and there’s a great hill there! I’ve only attempted skiing once, many moons ago. It was not a success.

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