Re-elect Maggie Chapman as Scottish Greens Co-convener

mcforcocoOver the next three weeks, Scottish Green Party members will have the opportunity to select the people who will lead the work of the party, including the co-conveners, over the next year or two (some positions are elected every year, some every two years).

I am asking you to re-elect me as female co-convener, a position I have held for the last three years.

This is such an important year for our Party. We need to see green councillors elected across the country in May 2017. We must resist the cuts and austerity agenda being passed on to Scotland by Westminster. We must ensure that our vision, for a just, welcoming, peacemaking Scotland in Europe that puts people before profit and communities before corporations is heard across the country.

And in order to do this, we must broaden our appeal, to reach communities beyond our comfort ground, to speak to people where they are, not where we are.

If you re-elect me, I will work tirelessly over the coming year, with you all, to make this happen.

Our constitution clearly states that the co-convener roles are three-fold:

  • Co-conveners will ensure the smooth running of SGP Council;
  • They will facilitate internal communication and cooperation;
  • And they will be the chief spokespeople for the party.

I have had many conversations with people from across the party over the last year or so about our approach to gender equality, both internally and externally. At a time when our group of elected representatives includes four women and 14 men, it is clear to me that we must have a female co-convener with a public, outward-facing role.

I have that profile. I have the media experience. And I have connections with civic society we need to engage in order to be successful: with the third sector, the Trade Union movement, our Further and Higher Education sectors, and other civic institutions in Scotland.

We also need to improve the way the Party Council functions, and we must improve our internal communications and processes. I have been part of ongoing discussions on both of these issues too, and I would welcome the opportunity to continue these discussions. In my report to our recent AGM at our Conference in Perth, I suggested several ways of doing this.

I would be delighted and honoured to continue to work with all of you across Scotland to ensure your voices are heard in our politics and in our party. I want to be able to use my experience as a Councillor, a university Rector, a Trade Unionist and a local campaigner and activist to build our party and contribute to working towards a just and welcoming Scotland.

Please vote Maggie Chapman #1 for Female Co-convener of the Scottish Greens.

Thank you.


Candidate Statement – as submitted for the internal election process


With local elections fast approaching, we must build on our good performances during the Holyrood elections and EU Referendum. It is crucial that our vision – for a just, welcoming, peacemaking Scotland that puts people before profit and communities before corporations – is heard across the country.

As Co-convener, I will:

  • Put anti-austerity at the heart of our Local Government campaigns
  • Campaign for public services in public hands
  • Fight for more participatory democracy and powers for communities
  • Put equality and diversity at the heart of the Party’s practices and culture by fighting patriarchy and centralism, and ensuring members’ voices are heard
  • Build a campaigning culture connecting parliament, council and wider membership

My track record:

  • As Co-convener: helped broaden the Party’s appeal by television, radio and other media appearances, argued for improved representation of young people and for better understanding of intersectional politics
  • As Aberdeen University’s Rector: campaigning on housing and student rights, against military recruitment on campus, and for improved democratic governance
  • As a Councillor: created £eith Decides participatory budgeting, argued for a Living Wage, and opposed privatisation of services
  • An active trade unionist and member of the Smith Commission and COSLA’s Local Democracy Commission


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