Radical Scotland

A Scot by choice, Maggie believes that Scotland can be an independent, outward-looking, peace-making country.

Another Scotland is possible: we can transform our economy, society and democracy.

There's an old maxim that goes something like: in some decades, nothing happens, but in some weeks, decades happen. Since the financial crash in 2008, it feels like we've had a decade of weeks in which decades happen. Politics is very fluid, very dynamic. But this gives us huge opportunities: opportunities to rethink what we mean by democracy and governance, ways of restructuring our economy for people not for profit, and the chance to re-imagine our world. 

I want to make the most of these opportunities in Scotland, and am involved in the Scottish Independence Convention and the Radical Independence Campaign. I also want to promote the ideas and vision put forward by Green Yes in the run-up to the Scottish Independence Referendum in 2014.

The Scottish Independence Convention

The Scottish Independence Convention, established in 2005 to bring together parties and others in favour of Scottish Independence. Since the 2014 referendum, it has been working on research and analysis to prepare for the next referendum.

Find out more at www.independenceconvention.scot.

The Radical Independence Campaign

The Radical Independence Campaign launched in 2012, after the date for the 2014 Scottish Independence referendum had been set. It brought together leftwing politicians, grassroots and community organisers and activists to ensure that a radical, progressive vision of Scotland was portrayed within the Yes movement.

RIC believes Scotland "should be a people’s democracy, a society of equality, a great welfare state, a good neighbour, and pioneer a just economy. Another Scotland Is Possible".

Find out more at www.radical.scot

Green Yes

Green Yes is the campaign for a radical, independent and green Scotland. The Scottish Greens used this campaign to highlight key green ideas and policies that they believe should be at the heart of an independent Scotland: participatory democracy, an economy that works for people not profit, a clean energy system that does not contribute to climate breakdown, and a universal social security system that does not alienate or marginalise anyone.

Find out more about the Scottish Greens at www.greens.scot.

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