New Leith Time Bank is an exciting development

I’m very excited by the new Leith Time Bank. Time banking is a way to exchange your time and skills for those of others. I’m hoping that it will help to build community in our area. Funding has been made available for the Leith Time Bank, and they’re looking for members. Have a read and see if you’d be able to contribute some time:

“Leith Time Bank is an exciting new idea that gives people like you the opportunity to share time and skills and develop your community.

Not so long ago, we all knew our neighbors and knew which ones we could ask for a favor—and our neighbors knew we would be happy to do them a favor in return. Life has changed and our friends and family do not always live nearby and it is not easy to ask neighbors for help these days, particularly if we do not know if we can ever pay them back.  Leith Time Bank can facilitate these exchanges.

Leith Time Bank is about neighbours being neighbours.

We know everyone has skills, knowledge and experience to offer, which could be beneficial to someone, such as gardening, sewing, listening, simple repairs and running errands. Time Banking is a way for people to exchange their stills and time.

For every hour members “deposit” in a time bank, perhaps by giving practical help and support to others, they are able to “withdraw” equivalent support in time when they themselves are in need. Everyone’s time is valued equally whatever is being offered.

1 hour of time = 1 Time Credit

For example: Jenny, Bob and Patricia are Time Bank members. Jenny has hurt her back and needs someone to weed her garden. Bob loves being outdoors and helps Jenny, earning 2 time credits. Bob need some advice to cook nutritious meals and gets help from Patricia, whose passion is food. Patricia needs someone to teach her simple computer skills so she can stay in touch with her friend who has moved abroad. Jenny teaches computer in university and helps Patricia.

We are now looking for members to join LEITH TIME BANK

(Please find the membership form here)

Anyone can join a Time Bank—everyone is equal—all are welcome.

Everyone has something to offer and everyone can take part.

For more information:     

Senga Armstrong – Leith Time Bank Development Worker

Mary O’ Connell – Leith Time Bank Administrator

Pilmeny Development Project,  19-21 Buchanan St, Leith, EH6 8SQ

Telephone: (0131) 553 2559

Email: sengatimebank (at)

marytimebank (at)”

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