Vote Maggie Chapman #1 for Holyrood 2016

I am standing for selection to the regional list of the Scottish Greens for next year’s Holyrood elections. Here’s why.

I think this election is vital: it is important that we use the next Holyrood session to shape our economic, political and environmental future. We have seen the growth in appetite for a new kind of politics; a politics that is participatory, inclusive and puts people before profit.


I believe I have the experience and platform to take this politics onto the campaign trail and into Parliament:

  • I have been the SGP Co-convener since 2013
  • I have been a SGP Councillor for the Leith Walk ward since 2007, and I am Convener of the Petitions Committee in Edinburgh
  • I am Rector of the University of Aberdeen, chairing the University Court
  • I am a Trade Union Activist, being newly elected Vice President of the EIS-ULA – the Universities part of the Educational Institute of Scotland

If elected, I will:

  • Oppose austerity, cuts and privatisation, including TTIP
  • Campaign for public services in public hands
  • Oppose fracking and support the development of green jobs through the reindustrialisation of Scotland that focuses on renewable energy
  • Bring radical democracy to Holyrood using participatory decision-making to include communities across the Region in my work
  • Fight for the decentralisation of power to local communities

As Councillor, I

  • Was the first politician in Scotland to call for a Living Wage
  • Pioneered the hugely successful £eith Decides participatory budgeting process
  • Worked with Trade Unions and the Voluntary Sector to improve work conditions and oppose privatisation
  • Won cross-party support for Scotland’s for Peace, Transition Towns and Edinburgh World Justice Festival
  • Campaigned on animal welfare 

I have significant party and campaign experience:

  • I was the Lead European Candidate in 2014, delivering the highest ever green vote across Scotland
  • I was and continue to be a prominent speaker and campaigner at Radical Independence Campaign, Women for Independence, and Green Yes events
  • I was a member of the Smith Commission on further powers for Scotland, arguing for full devolution of economic and social justice powers
  • I was a member of COSLA’s Commission on Strengthening Local Democracy calling for a radical transformation of our democracy to give power to communities

I passionately believe that, with the strong voice I promise to bring to the campaign, we can transform society and deliver an economy that works for people not profit, and a politics that serves communities not corporations.

Vote Maggie Chapman #1 for a campaigning and listening MSP!

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