Green Politics

Our radical, green politics can show how hope and compassion can win over fear and indifference. Now is the time to be true to our radicalism.

We cannot have a just world or a clean environment with a dirty economy.

Maggie Chapman delivering a speech from a podium which says "leading the change"

Co-Convener, Scottish Green Party

Maggie has served AS CO-CONVENER OF THE SCOTTISH GREEN PARTY SINCE 2013, alongside Patrick Harvie.

I joined the Scottish Greens around the time of the Iraq war because of the party's commitment to peace and its anti-war stance. It is also the only party that understands that social justice, environmental justice, and economic justice are inextricably linked. Participatory democracy is a foundational principle of the greens, and I believe that people should have power over the decisions that affect their lives.