Maggie was Rector of the University of Aberdeen for 6 years and is a former lecturer at Edinburgh Napier University.

Maggie campaigns for free education, the rights of international students, better mental health services, and more.

Rector, The University of Aberdeen, 2015 - present

I am proud to serve the students of the University of Aberdeen as their Rector. Since 2015 I have campaigned against staff redundancies; for improved mental health support for students; for lower rents; and, for international students' rights.

During Maggie's successful re-election campaign in 2017/18 Maggie committed to:

  • Continuing making your voices heard by university leaders
  • Campaigning to improve support for international students
  • Challenging anti-immigrant prejudice on campus
  • Demanding that EU students keep fee-free status post-Brexit
  • Fighting for more counselling & resources for mental health
  • Promoting equality & diversity
  • Campaigning against policies like Prevent that restrict activities of student societies