Care and Support services still in limbo

Well, perhaps unsurprisingly, we still don’t seem to have any information about the next moves regarding the tendering of the care and support services.  This nonsense has been rumbling on since the end of October last year, yet despite what’s happened in the intervening three months, the Administration/social care department have still not learnt that they need to keep us all informed.

Next Thursday (4th Feb, at 2pm) the Finance and Resources committee will reconvene (again!) to discuss the tendering.  But, from the agenda released yesterday, it looks like we’ll only be discussing the contract for the provision of care and support for the Lochend Project (although the report has not been circulated yet).  What happened to the other projects/providers/services that we were asked to approve back in October?

Assuming that the report on Monday, that leaves less than four days to go through it, discuss it with service users and their advocates and families, and consider fully the implications of the proposals … how on earth does this represent ‘best practice’ consultation?  I do wonder at people sometimes … surely the Administration realises what this will mean for them?

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