After the Co-Convener Election – what is to be done?

Well that was quite a campaign! I’m very grateful to the Scottish Green Party for re-electing me as co-convener. My quest to reclaim the name ‘Maggie’ for all-that-is-good in politics continues!


I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me, all those who supported me and all those who’ve been so kind on social media this afternoon. I’d also like to thank all the candidates who ran in what was a very positive campaign. Finally, I’d like to thank Zara for the good campaign she ran. It’s good to be able to practice what we preach on democracy.


Now the real task begins. With just over 5 months to the Holyrood election we must focus our activities outwards. There are many more sympathetic voters out there for our message. We need to find the ways to persuade them to vote for us. We must do that because –  now more than ever –  we need more Green voices in Parliament. We need to be in a position to make the case for a better Scotland. A Scotland that plays a positive role in the world. This afternoon Greens had a great discussion on social media about what we need to focus on.


The issues being raised are those that face us most pressingly as a society. We need to fight austerity. But we also need a new form of social security that won’t be eroded by lurid tabloid headlines.


We need to keep our ferries in public ownership, we need to bring our railways back into public ownership, and we need to get rents under control for tenants who are being fleeced more every year.


We need to renew Scotland’s industrial base, and to repurpose it for renewables. We need the jobs, we need the energy renewables generate and we need to be able to move away from oil and gas. We want to see a more creative economy, and an economy that better meets human needs, and the needs of the planet.


To do this we need more Greens in Parliament, we need to build at local and national level and we need to keep making the case for a much, much more equal society.


And we need to work with the movements that have put all these issues into the debate. The energy of the referendum and the Green Surge needs to flow through our politics, transforming it. The movements that built that energy deserve our support on the streets and our voice in Parliament. With one foot on the streets and one in the Parliament we will bring power to people. We will build a more equal society. We will end injustice.


I will do all I can to build that party, to give voice to those movements and to make sure we work effectively to deliver a better country and a better world.

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